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IRL Yuru Camp

Just like in Yuru Camp, I went camping with my friends for the first time. Here are my recollections from the experience.

Staying Healthy

As I mentioned in my new year’s resolution post this year, I was going to the gym twice a week since 2019. To elaborate on that, it helped me achieve two things: Stay in shape by biking on the cycling…

Mobage Hell Continues

Gacha is very tempting, so I spent more money. Got some pretty nice idols in deresute, so I'm pretty satisfied this time around, including Tachibana Arisu, and another banner card!

Revisiting Princess Connect! Re:Dive

Cygames' Princess Connect Re:Dive has been out for quite some time, but with an anime adaptation currently airing, I decided to revisit the game again at a good time: fes time means double rate up for 3* characters.