IRL Yuru Camp

Just like in Yuru Camp, I went camping with my friends for the first time. Here are my recollections from the experience.

Last day and reflection

We woke up and basically packed up and left. Didn’t really take photos, but it was tiring driving back home and dropping friends back home.

Looking back at the weekend, it was definitely fun, but tiring. We spent a lot of time cooking and cleaning, so I think if we were to do it again, I would try to pack food that would be faster to cook. That way, we could have more time to relax and play the board games that we brought but never played.

Like I mentioned earlier, we had to deal with pit toilets and no running water. We had to manage our water usage, and I think it went well. I did bring a 20L refillable jug, and we did refill it once from the following Bear Creek in order to help us wash dishes.

We started planning this trip out less than two months in advance, and I think that went pretty well. In total, we spent approximately $700 as a group, which was pretty good. We’re pretty lucky to have had most of the camping gear already, so that definitely helped with keeping our costs down.

Anyways, I hope to go on a trip with this group again soon. Would be nice to go to Japan again, but with the pandemic going on, I’m not sure when that can happen.

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