Summer Break: Day 46 – Preparing for Oregon!


Today was another chill day.  In the morning, I woke up at around 10AM, and cleaned up around the house while preparing for our trip to Oregon tomorrow.  To be honest, I did nothing the whole day, though.  I just sat around like a big fatty, listened to music (The [email protected]), ate food, took naps, rewatched some Anime, and yeah, that was my day.  Oh, I was going to go get dollar drinks with Anduleh, but he was unavailable.  Oh, on the other hand, my family and I had dinner with Royce and his parents.  We haven’t seen them for quite a while, so yeah.  Right now, it’s 10PM, and I’m packing my bags for an early trip tomorrow morning.

Expect to see some pictures soon!


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