Summer Break: Day 9 – Black Ops, Black Ops, and more Black Ops.

LOL…today, I surprisingly woke up at 11:45AM. That was when I had lunch. Afterwards, I was scolded by my father because I do nothing at home every single day. Emerging from the session of pain, I turned on my PS3, and began to play more Black Ops with Ray Low (again…LOL). After a long hour of shooting people, I took a break, and watched some Anime. Notice how everything I do involves looking at a screen? Yes, even I know that it is bad for my eyes, so that’s why I took a nap (yes a nap, even though I woke up at 11:45AM with 11.5 hours of sleep) for a bit at 4:30PM. I woke up at 5:30PM, and got ready for soccer practice. Now, I’m blogging, downloading Anime wallpaper (no, not hentai), and downloading Anime (and again, not hentai).

That was pretty much what I did today. No, actually, that is what I did today. Back to what I was doing…


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