Shimamura Uzuki’s New SSR7

Shimamura Uzuki's latest banner was too cute to pass up, so here's a post dedicated to her seventh SSR in deresute.

So I’m gonna keep this post relatively short: I normally don’t try to pull for characters with little to no jewels, but Uzuki was really too cute to pass up. If you’re into feet, then this banner is for you I guess lol: you get a nice view of them with this card’s artwork. Jokes aside, since this is a cinfes banner, the SSR rate is doubled at 6%. I don’t know why but it was worth a try from me, so alas here we are.

Shimamura Uzuki’s latest banner (after I had already finished pulling)

Deresute was also doing a free daily single pull, so on the first day, my 10+1 pull equated to 1 SSR: as always, it’s the classic off banner. This time it was Mio (albeit Mio’s latest SSR7):

On the next day, I finally got Uzuki:

Her awakened version is actually pretty wild: she took a brave step in challenging herself to “become sexier” (as per her commu): giving her fans a taste of bunny suit Uzuki:

Anyways, here’s how she looks in her 3D rich outfit in #HE4DSHOT. Indeed a very cute and sexy Uzuki. Producer-san is:)

Anyways, that’s all I have today. I’m actually in the middle of sorting out some potential hardware issues on my server, so it might be a little while until I have a chance to finish my other Japan trip thoughts.

Until next time!


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