Another Deresute Gacha Set

The special "pick and choose" permanent SSR and SR scout ticket set is back. I ended up picking Sae, along with something else.

Well, deresute’s back at it again. They had another paid jewel set with the same offering back at the end of June: one “pick and choose” permanent SSR and SR scout ticket each and one 10x pull. At the time, Cinderella fes was going on, but I needed to save up for Miria, so I only used the 10x pull in the fes pool. Luck wasn’t on my side either: I ended up getting nine duplicate Rs and one duplicate SR.

After deliberating for a few minutes on the SSR I wanted to scout, I decided to get Kobayakawa Sae. There were a two reasons behind this. First, I actually don’t have a Sae SSR, so adding one to my collection would be quite desirable. Second, and probably most importantly, I really like Sae’s solo, HANAKANZASHI, so there was an urge to have her and see the 3D rich live with her SSR outfit.

Her awakened card is also very nice!

Awakened Sae SSR1

But yeah, really glad to finally have a Sae card in my collection. This is a score bonus card, and I have a lot of those already, so I don’t think I’ll be using her too much in my units when I play, but I’ll definitely be using her in 3D rich MVs.


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