Staying Healthy

As I mentioned in my new year’s resolution post this year, I was going to the gym twice a week since 2019. To elaborate on that, it helped me achieve two things:

  1. Stay in shape by biking on the cycling machine and running on the treadmill.
  2. Play my gacha games.

Going to the gym truly was a “two birds, one stone” (一石二鳥) type of thing, since I could bike and play deresute at the same time without having to worry about getting run over by cars or running into, say, a tree. While running on the treadmill, I could start doing my dailies for Azur Lane. It was great. Of course, with COVID-19 now, local gyms are closed, so that option is completely out the window. To stay healthy, there have been a few things I’ve done.

The first thing I did was going on daily walks. From March until late June, I would take a 30 minute walk around my neighbourhood after work on weekdays. The only days I wouldn’t go were if there was a huge downpour of rain. In doing daily walks, it helped me get some fresh air, move my body around, and to give my eyes a rest after looking at a computer screen all day. At one point, I would bump into the same people going for walks, and would exchange a casual “hi there” or a “good day to you” greeting from afar.

Second, more recently, I’ve switched from doing daily walks to going running. In late June, one of my friends, Ray, invited me to go running with a small group of people. Not having gone running in a while, I hesitantly took on the offer, and have made an effort to go running at least twice a week. I’m also tracking my runs on a fitness app called Strava. For good or for worse, it can detect who you ran with, even if you have not associated with them on the app itself. I found it both cool and sketchy: cool because I didn’t have to go add them myself, but sketchy because I didn’t have to go add them myself.

Thirdly, the other day, I got myself an adjustable sit/standing desk from IKEA: the IDASEN. I’ve been working at home for the last 4+ months, and was using a folding table that we usually use for outdoor barbeques. Standing desks are quite expensive though. For electric motorized ones, they’re like $350+ CAD pre-tax. The one I got was roughly $740 CAD post-tax. Some other desks I looked at online were starting at $1k CAD pre-tax. Hopefully this table will be alright. I can adjust it up and down so that I can stand or sit, respectively. I’m excited to try it out for work in the coming weeks.

New standing desk for the home office

Anyways, that’s all I have on that. Hope everyone’s staying safe! Until next time!


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