Mobage Hell Continues

Gacha is very tempting, so I spent more money. Got some pretty nice idols in deresute, so I'm pretty satisfied this time around, including Tachibana Arisu, and another banner card!

At the end of April, I made another mistake… I spent more money on mobage. It’s on deresute again. The motivation behind this were a few things:

  1. There was a cinfes going on (featuring a Minami card).
  2. There was a special set containing your choice of an SSR in the permanent pool.
  3. Peer pressure Joining in with another friend that also spent $$$.

With not a lot of expenses from going out these past two months, I bought 4,900 JPY worth of jewels, or 6300 jewels. That turned out being ~$66 CAD. Then, I exchanged 2500 paid jewels for the special gasha set. Like previous, this gave 1 10-pull, 1 SSR ticket (pick and choose), and 1 SR ticket (pick and choose).

For the SSR, I choose Arisu. I’ve been wanting an Arisu SSR for a while, so it was definitely nice to finally have her ๐Ÿ™‚

Her awakened SSR is also really nice:

Now, for the 10 pull, I got nothing from that, but I lucked out on a single pull and got banner Minami:

Again, her awakened SSR also looks really nice:

Gacha luck was on my side this time around. I wonder how it will be next time. I’m saving the rest of the paid jewels, really hoping for another Miria SSR in the near future. Need to start saving 75k jewels in case I need to spark.

Anyways, until next time!


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