Summer Break: Day 36 – Richmond with almost all my cousins


Today, I woke up at 8:30AM.  I also did not have a good sleep, most likely due to the fact that I had coffee milk tea the night before at Copa Cafe.  Anyways, I came down to my kitchen and greeted my dad, Uncle Jimmy, Timothy (my cousin), and my grandma, who were awake at the time.  I made, no, toasted two slices of bread to eat, and prepared a cold glass of milk to drink.  After that, Uncle Jimmy helped me set up a new router that he brought along.  Apparently my range had issues, so he gave me a new one.  My aunt and other cousin, Jasmine, appeared soon afterwards.  Anyways, while I was doing this, Timothy was playing Global MapleStory (North America), and I caused him to disconnect…opps.  After that, I got ready to leave for a day trip with the Lau family to Richmond.

We left home at approximately 10:40AM, and arrived at Yaohan at around 11:50AM.  My uncle exchanged some USD for CDN.  After that, we headed off to Aberdeen Centre, and chilled at the food court for two hours, starting at 12PM.  I ate 上海粗炒麵 (which was unfortunately purchased with my uncle’s money…even though I insisted I could pay myself…) for lunch, and got myself some milk tea that had too much “milk” from Estea Express, where I got coffee milk tea last time (on June 25, 2011) I came here with Franklin Cokeng, Andrew Li, and Ray Low to chill before our sleepover.  Anyways, after we finished lunch, my aunt and Jasmine went shopping at Daiso downstairs, while my uncle, Timothy, my grandma, and I waited for Jessie and Mason Lee, our other cousins to arrive at Aberdeen.  They arrived soon later, and we talked for a while.  Exhausting all the words we had to say, Jessie and Mason showed Timothy and I this shop right by the food court that sold lots of Anime-related stuff, such as posters, figurines, keychains, gachapon items, and more.  I was very tempted to buy a lot of stuff, but yet again, I was discouraged by the high price tags on all the items.  In the end, we just looked at lots of stuff.

At around 2PM, we headed over to Parker Place to get some sesame cake for my grandma.  Finished with that, we went to Richmond Centre, and looked at more shops.  My aunt decided to go buy bread for breakfast tomorrow.  My aunt bought my share of bread, and, again, I feel really bad for using their money.

At 4PM, we went to Jessie and Mason’s house to sit and chill out for a while.  Mason left to watch fireworks in Downtown Vancouver, so Jessie helped us kill time by showing us some YouTube videos, along with some Clannad and Angel Beats! to Timothy and Jasmine.  I was so tired from the lack of sleep that I napped for most of the time on the carpet.

Later, at around 7PM, my parents and my brother joined us for dinner at some restaurant in Richmond that I don’t remember the name of.  We had lobster, and lots of food (I know…really descriptive…).

After that, we went home, and took turns taking showers, and went to sleep.

I’m very tired.  More sleeping for me.  More blogging for me, too.

Hope everyone’s still enjoying their summer!


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