It’s Been a While…


Well, it’s been a while since I’ve been on my blog.  I ran into some problems with Apache after upgrading from Ubuntu 9.04 to Ubuntu 10.04.1 LTS.  Now it’s been fixed, and I’m back.  Anyways, during these past few weeks, I’ve been doing some stuff.  Here’s a list of them:

  • In IT9, I have learned to make a few basic programs using Visual Basic.
  • I finished all my semester 1 subjects!  With that, I am hoping to get A’s in all of my subjects.
  • I’ve reorganized my room! (surprising in my point of view)
  • I’ve successfully softmodded my Wii running Wii Menu 4.3U.  More info here: (
  • My Wii is now virtually brickproof, thanks to Priiloader and BootMii IOS.  Thank you to the developers.
  • I liked how my Science 9 final was all multiple-choice.  Thank you teacher!
  • My family got an HD cable receiver box with all the HD channels.  Great promotion.  Oasis HD is epic!

And yeah, that’s basically what’s been happening these past few weeks.  Right now, it’s provincial exam week, and since I have no finals/exams, I get to stay at home, although I have to go to school on Wednesday for HaCE (Health And Career Education).  I find our school so retarded.  They should have made it at the beginning of the week, then my weekend would be longer…but oh well.  It’s time for me to sleep.  I will blog soon.


Oh and on a side note, I have 68 Vocaloid2 songs and counting.


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