Assignment Week 3: FUN DAY!

Today was a lucky day for me and others in middle school.  We had a Professional Development Day (Pro-D Day for short) for all our middle schools in our district.  Before hand, I suggested to some of my friends that we should hang out, so we did.  I headed over to my friend house, whose name is Franklin, at 10:30AM.  That’s when we began to play some Wii.  Franklin and I played a number of games, including WarioWare, New Super Mario Brothers, and Super Smash Brothers Brawl.  They were all fun and entertaining games.  At around 1PM, we decided to go to IGA Supermarket to buy some candy.  That’s when my other friend, Andrew, called, saying he was coming too.  We met him up there, and ended up buying some popsicles.  We headed back to my friend’s house and ate pizza, which my friend, Andrew, brought with him.  It was delicious.  After, we continued to play some Wii and computer games.  At around 3PM, we headed back to my house, where we threw a frisbee around.  The fun ended when they had to leave at 4PM.  Anyways, it was fun.  That’s all that matters today.  Tomorrow, it’s back to doing homework!

Franklin playing Poker on FB
Franklin playing Online Poker

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