Assignment Week 4: Apple’s iPad

Just a couple of days ago, Apple announced the release of their new product, a touchscreen tablet called the iPad.  It runs on software that is similar to the iPod Touch and iPhone, and the touchscreen is quite big, at 9.7 inches.  The iPad not only does everything of the iPod Touch/iPhone, but it also is an eBook reader with iBooks.  Applications that work for iPod Touches and iPhones also work with this iPad.  The starting price is good, too.  It starts at $499 USD for 16GB (WiFi Model) and $629 USD for 16GB (3G + WiFi Model), but as of right now, they have not shipped it out to any retail outlets. It will be a while until the iPad shows up in Canada!

Even though the iPad is thin, it has WiFi and 3G.

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