Birthday 2020

COVID-19 made birthday celebrations a little bit different. Here's how I celebrated mine this year.

So this year’s birthday celebration was an interesting one. With COVID-19 basically throwing out all in person social gatherings, my friends and I opted for a virtual gathering in Minecraft. Finally got a server back up on a spare machine. We spent most of the day just mining and getting our bases set up.

But yeah, with Discord video calls and the Internet these days allowing us to stay connected, this was pretty cool. Even got a virtual birthday cake and a gift delivered to my house IRL, so that was neat. Gift was most definitely NSFW, so I won’t elaborate on it here.

But yeah, just a small update from me this time around. Hope everyone’s staying safe and healthy 🙂

Here’s a few screenshots of cake cutting at my friend’s, Kami’s, place, in Minecraft.

Until next time!


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