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So I’ve been busy these last few weeks. I’m still behind on my Japan trip entries, but those will come eventually. I recently started my full time job at a local software company, and I’m still getting myself ramped up in order to contribute to the team. It’s at the same place that I was at last year, so there are familiar faces. I’m on the same team as I was last year, so that makes on-boarding more or less easier. I also got my desk set up again, with a few figurines and whatnot, so I guess I’m settling in.

Last year and even this year, I had the pleasure of being mentored by someone that I now look up to. He was a really approachable guy: if you approached him for help, he would break down the problem and help you to see how you should approach it. When it wasn’t work, he would always have a little something to add to the conversation, whether it be on books, politics, biking, and heck, even places that you might not have heard of. He was truly someone that you could find a way to connect with.

Unfortunately, he left the company in search of a better job in the sense that it was coding in a language he was more comfortable with. When I first heard the news, I had the initial shock factor, but I was happy for him. So when his last day came this past Friday, I was happy, but the splurge of emotion hit me, and I was silently crying at work. It wasn’t the way I wanted to send him off, but it happened.

This is the first time I’ve experienced someone leaving a company that I’ve worked with closely. Eventually, I would have experienced this, but wasn’t expecting it to be this quick. Being a co-op student before, I’ve been in the other seat before. Anyways, this weekend I’ve just been looking forward and holding my head up high.

Now that it’s been mid-week, I’ve gotten back into the flow of things. I love working where I am: I’ve been given a project to work on, and it’s something I was working on last year, so I do want to get this thing off the ground.

Anyways, enough from me for now. Until next time!



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