Room Diary: May 2019

I used to do this a lot on facebook, but I haven’t recently, so I’m going to bring it back here instead. Enjoy some photos below.

This is how my room looks today. I’ve gotten most of my posters from anime conventions. The ones above my window I self-printed way back in the day. The larger ones are part of calendars that I’ve bought over the past four or so years.

View of my room from the doorway.

Here’s another angle in my room. I have two bookshelves shown here. Realistically, there’s only one shelf that has books. The other ones all hold figure boxes. I’ll need more room in the future as I collect more figures, but I’m somewhat managing now.

Another angle from inside my room.

Anyways, I have the majority of wall space covered in posters. There’s just one exception right now, and it’s this wall below. It’s hard to find ones that fit that narrow strip of space, but hopefully I’ll find some soon. 🙂

View of the other side of my door.
The bookshelves are mostly filled with figure boxes, with calendar pictures and wall scrolls hanging from them.
My battle station setup.
Some of my desk figures that I look at while working. Have to dust these frequently.
Maekawa, Miku figure from iM@S CG:3
Sakuma, Mayu figure, also from iM@S CG, along with some acrylic stands from Chroneco
Here’s one of my many Rem figures, and Suenaga Mirai to the right of her.

I do have one wall in my room that is slightly NSFW. I’ve contained it on that corner of my room, and so far, it hasn’t spread, and I intend to keep it that way for the foreseeable future haha.

My Sisti daki on my bed: the safer side.
The slightly NSFW corner consisting of many catgirls from artist Syroh.

UPDATE: I was also asked how I put my posters on the wall. I use bluetac that you can find at your local dollar shop, or an arts supply store. It looks something like this:

Bluetac that I use to stick my posters on the wall.

If you do use bluetac, I suggest that you put tape at the back first, as I’ve had some of my posters get stained from the tac being on for too long.

For the ones hanging off of my bookshelf, I use some big and small clips. I attach the big clip to the bookshelf itself, and use two smaller clips, manually connected to each other, and clip one side to the bigger clip, and the other to the poster.

Clip method of attaching posters to a bookshelf or another solid object.

Similar to the blue tac scenario, if you don’t want to damage your posters, you can also tape the back of your poster first. After that, attach a small piece of cardstock to the back of your poster on top of that tape. This way, you can just clip it to the cardstock instead of the poster directly without leaving clip marks on your poster. And since you taped it on top of tape, you can easily remove the cardstock attachment later if you don’t want it.

Taping a little piece of cardstock on top of tape, which is stuck to the back of a large poster.

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