IB Predicted Grades and JLPT N3 Test Results

Today, I got my IB predicted mark. My personal prediction was quite accurate I guess, at a 30. It’s not so good, so I guess it’s time for me to work harder to change that mark for the better on my IB exams. Need to start my review early…

I also got my JLPT N3 test results today, and I didn’t pass that. It was a good experience doing the test, though. I’m planning to retake the test in July, and study after the May IB exams. I guess I have to look at some new N3 material rather than the old level 3 material that I was looking at before. Still, I’m thankful for my friend, Gen Tsutsumi, for being a helpful friend and lending me the old level 3 study material. I need to look over my kanji.




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