One month gone, more to go…*sigh*

Well, time sure flies by. It’s now October, and I’ve settled in school. Recently, I’ve been going to badminton drop ins in the community centre near my house with Franklin Cokeng, Andrew Li, and Andy Lee. I’ve also went to one basketball drop in as well with Franklin Cokeng and Ray Low. To my surprise, it was actually really fun.
Another thing I should mention is that on the weekend, my friend Hani Dbouk broke his collar bone while playing soccer in Surrey. My coach confirmed it with our entire team, and it’s tough to lose a player on the team. Best wishes for his recover on my behalf.
I’m a little sick right now with a sore throat and a runny nose. Hopefully it doesn’t develop into something more intense that I have to miss school.
Speaking of school, I handed in an assignment (newspaper assignment on WWI) to my Socials teacher a week ago, and I just got it back with a mark of 42 out of 50. It looks like I need to work harder to attain the A I desperately want in Social Studies 11.

Anyways, I need to do homework right now, so I’ll be blogging again soon. I also need to get downloading on the fall Animes…hehe.



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