Salmon Return

Today, I got the chance to see some of the salmon return to their spawning area.  It was something that you don’t see everyday.  Pretty amazing.  Here is a picture:

Salmon Run
Salmon fighting their way upstream to their spawning area. Might be difficult to see.

Yup, pretty amazing, although in this photo, it is difficult to see the salmon, as it was taken with my cell phone, which was the only camera available for me at the time.

On a side note, before I went to see the salmon, I was at Henderson Place, enjoying my bubble tea (mango milkshake with pearls), golden bubbles (also known as 雞蛋仔), and playing the card game, Speed, with my friend, Franklin Cokeng.  Just a good day in general today.

Anyways, I’m gonna go now.  See you later!



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