1st Anniversary

In 5 days, it will a year since the launch of my server and blog!  A year ago, I was just learning about the WordPress platform, but now, it’s helped me “blog” about stuff when I get bored, and that’s good.  I am really happy for myself, but at the moment, I am preparing for a piano examination that is in two days.  I have a good feeling that I will do pretty good on it.  Summer is slowly crawling in, and there are only 4 more days of school left for me.  That’s all for now…actually, I lied.  I have started to play MapleStory again.  Yes, I know you’re probably thinking, “Wow…what a tool…,” but that’s okay…The quirky massive multiplayer online role-playing game (aka MMORPG) is really getting epic.  That’s all for now.



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