MapleStory Private Server

A few days ago, I found myself with some spare time.  “What should I do?  Hmmmm, I know!  Let’s make a nice little private MapleStory server!”…and I did.

Creating this little private server wasn’t that hard at all, excluding the fact that I had to install another OS just in case it messed up my laptop.  The server itself took probably an hour to set up, including downloading everything, that is, if you have a nice speedy internet connection.  The main reason for this was because I wanted to see how GMs (Game Masters) work.  Now, I play with my friends, and it turns out that it doesn’t lag as much as I expected it to be.  For more information about installing a MapleStory private server, please search it up on Google, as this is deemed “illegal”.

A side note:  This is just a “play around with the settings and mess up my computer” type server.  It is not intended for an operational environment like other servers.



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