Assignment Week 7: Shaun White

Yesterday, the USA’s Shaun White competed in the Men’s Halfpipe.  In this event, each competitor gets two runs down the halfpipe to impress the judges and the crowd with their tricks.  People are ranked by points, with 50 points being the maximum that anyone can get.  On his first try, Shaun White got 46.8 points.  He was the last person to do the first run, and was in first place.  As everyone else did their second runs, none of them could surpass Shaun’s score of 46.8 points.  This meant that Shaun White was getting the gold medal.  He was going to ride down the middle of the halfpipe, but his coach influenced him to do something interesting, and he did.  Since he was under no pressure at all, he did a Double McTwist 1260, which is a hard snowboarding trick to do.  He amazingly landed, and got a score of 48.4 without even trying!  Everyone was cheering for Shaun because many people had fallen when they were landing their tricks.  We can learn something from Shaun White: If you’re relaxed, you can do anything that is difficult.

Shaun White
Shaun White getting some air!

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