Assignment Week 6: eyeOS

Have you ever travelled around and wished you had the files you stored at home?  Well, now you can do that anywhere where there is an internet connection, with a web application called “eyeOS”.  In short, this web application is your own personal computer.  It will let you customize a lot of things, like allowing multiple users use it, each with their own desktop, files, background, and more.  As of  this post, the eyeOS organization is working on eyeOS 2.0, which, apparently, will be much faster than eyeOS 1.X.  To use eyeOS, you can create an account on, or by downloading eyeOS and installing it on your Apache2 webserver.  The best part of this is that it is open source.  I would recommend this to people who don’t have a permanent computer and people who like storing all their files on USB drives.

The desktop on web desktop eyeOS

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