Dolls’ Frontline: PA-15 High School Heartbeat Story

I came back from my recent Japan trip with a figure of PA-15 by Phat! Company. This is their rendition of PA-15 in her high school uniform outfit, and my thoughts on this clean yet detailed figure. Slight NSFW warning.

Almost three years ago, in my afterthoughts of the Rem Halloween figure, I mentioned that I was keeping an eye on the PA-15 figure from the mobile game Dolls’ Frontline. I actually ended up not pre-ordering her, and instead waited for her release. She did go through a few months of delays before being released this past September. She is based off of the in-game illustration, which looks like this:

PA-15’s in-game skin illustration.

During my most recent trip to Japan in March, I decided that she would be the figure to look out for: if I saw her for a reasonable price, then I was going to get her. And I managed to do so at the most inconspicuous place of all: Himeji, which is most well known for the world heritage site of the Himeji Castle. Heck, my friend NekoDiv and I both ended up buying some other stuff here as well, and this place ultimately ended up being the place where I spent the most money on merchandise.

Transporting her back home to Canada was a journey of packing her in my suitcase surrounded by clothes and other merch. She came back more or less intact, albeit with slight outer box damage. I would’ve brought her in my hand carry, but thankfully I didn’t because that was an even rougher ride on the plane: some of the sweets I bought at duty-free were crushed a bit, so the figure box would’ve sustained even more damage.

That said, here’s the box itself. The printing on it did make it seem like she sustained UV damage because of how unsaturated the colours were, but upon seeing other boxes of her later during the trip (back in some anime shops in Ikebukuro and Akihabara), it was definitely part of the style and not fading.

Taking her out of the box, we have PA-15 herself. Her pose really gives off this “I’m number one!” vibe/impression and I love it: compared with her prototype photos, I think PA-15 turned out very well. Since she comes with two guns, I decided to put one PA-15 in her holster and also have her hold the other one. It kind of makes her look like she could dual-wield them 🙂

Going a bit closer, I’ll start from the top. PA-15 grasps her own gun on her right hand. Getting it to fit was pretty easy: it slotted in without much force, which is always great. Her fingernails are painted blue to match, and there’s no paint bleeding whatsoever. The ruffles on her shirt sleeve are sculpted pretty well: hopefully the lighting angle helps accentuate this. Coming to her head, we’ll see her two large fluffy/fuwafuwa animal ears. Just below that, she has her “PA” hairclip on her blue hair, which is also slightly translucent towards the ends. They did a really good job capturing, and it looks way better in person than it does in photos in my opinion. In terms of her facial expression, Phat! Company really nailed it. PA-15’s eyes with the heart pupils and her mouth are 10/10: I really don’t know how to describe it, she just looks so damn cool.

Moving down a bit further, we have PA15’s school uniform cardigan. There’s a few things that caught my eye. First is the amount of detail in the the knitting patterns. They look crisp and clean, with no weird artifacts even up close. The “MAB-PA15” paint job on it was also pretty clean. It’s definitely a lot better than what I saw in the Rem figure, so that was a relief. The little bow hanging off her shirt, along with the choker, are also clean. I appreciate that cause nothing in front really detracts away from her facial expression.

Turning around the back, we’ll find PA-15’s school bag containing an assortment of charms. The bag is also cleverly attached to her hair while she holds her bag carefree. Definitely a good way to make sure that bag stays attached to the figure. Here, you’ll hopefully be able to see that translucent gradient in her hair colour. Beautiful!

As we continue downwards, we get to PA-15’s tail. It’s pretty bushy and has another colour gradient: not the same as her hair where it was slightly translucent, but towards the tip of her tail, it does have hints of white highlighting. Hopefully it’s evident in the photos. Her black skirt is also extremely short, however, its waviness is captured quite well. Due to the nature of that skirt, her shimapan are quite visible at certain angles. Truly a sight to behold, I must say.

As we make our way back to the front, we’ll see a bit of her white undershirt peaking through the bottom of her cardigan while slightly exposing her midrift/belly button area. Also a nice touch. We’ll also see her second gun holstered to her left leg. Here, the constricting portions of the holster have been captured pretty well: you can see those thighs being compressed ever so slightly by the clips, which are also pretty clean. Again, we’ll also see a glimpse of her shimapan peaking through the skirt.

Last but not least, we have PA-15’s boots. I don’t really know how to describe it, but the sculpt and colouring just hit differently: they look so cool. The blue accents on them, the “PA” writing, and the crinkles on the top of the boots are just small things I really come to appreciate on this figure.

Her boots, with different focus areas.

And to round it off, here’s the base:

Overall, I’m very happy the way PA-15 turned out. QC-wise, there wasn’t anything amiss from what I could see at arm’s length. No lemon unlike the Halloween Rem figure I got last time. I am a sucker when it comes to animal ears (獣耳), so I’m very happy I did bite the bullet and bought her in the end, because she looks so cool. She currently sits on my game character shelf beside Vampire and Javelin from Azur Lane, Plachta from Atelier Sophie, and Gene from PSO2es.

PA-15 in my display case.

Anyways, that’s all I have this time around. Now that I have somewhat of a photo area set up in my home office area, I might do another figure post again in the near future. For now, I’ll leave you with a full frontal and rear photo of PA-15:

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