Deresute: Taking a “Leap” of Faith

There was a Miria SSR re-run. Naturally, being a MiriaP, I had to **try** my luck with gacha, spending some money in the process.

So this past week, there was a limited gacha pool again, this time, featuring limited cards from various pools, including Sparkling Kids Model Gacha, which had a Miria SSR in it. Of course, me being a MiriaP, I had to try and roll for it. With a reserve of ~13k star jewels, I was able to roll 50 times, but no luck. I did end up getting the legendary Suzuho SSR1 and Ai SSR1. I say she’s legendary because her awakened SSR is amazing. I also had an extra 10 scout ticket from the new year’s (I think) chance lottery tickets, which I also drained. From those single pulls, I ended up getting the other banner card from the pool: Chie. She’s cute, too, but not Miria so it was a little disappointing.

Being a little salty, I ended up whaling 4900 JPY to try and roll for her again. Since I had another batch of paid jewels now, I first spent it on another 3D live outfit + 1x 10 pull ticket, this time on Party Time Gold. I decided to get this one because I already have the Party Time Gold Miria figure from Alter, so having this in game would be a nice addition. I am a fan of the gold tail and shoes (heels?), so I think it was a good call.

I only rolled once more during this gacha, and I didn’t get another SSRs, so all in all, pretty salty, but it’s okay: Miria in Party Time Gold 3D looks really cute too.

After that, I still had ~3800 paid jewels (I think I also did a 60 jewel single daily pull and got nothing, so many a little less). With Cinderella Festival (3% SSR rate -> 6% SSR rate) right around the corner on February 29, I decided to wait for that instead. After collecting the remaining star jewels I had in my present box, I had enough for one 10 pull using free jewels, and one 10 pull using paid jewels.

Since my 10 pull luck was pretty garbage this past week, I got my friend Jeff to help me pull instead. Before he did, I got the latest Special Gacha Set that was available, which yielded one 10x pull ticket, one 1x SR scout ticket, 1M money, and 1x scout of any permanent card (including SSRs). Thank goodness I let Jeff pull, because he helped me pull 1 SSR in each of the two 10 pulls. I ended up getting Yasuha SSR1 and Nina SSR4. Nina is also premium cut, so bless the gacha gods. I wish I got the new Momoka banner card too, cause that one’s pretty damn cute.

As for my choice of SSR, after looking through them, I decided to scout Rika SSR1. I was debating between Arisu, Rika, Mika, and Uzuki, but I really like SUPERLOVE☆, and wanted to see her perform it in her SSR outfit, so that was that. No regrets on that decision.

Oh yeah, I was also talking about Suzuho’s outfit earlier. Here it is below. Upon talking with Jeff on this, her costume is actually really intricately designed, with many elements coming from her previous costumes (depicted in her cards in Mobamas), so although this outfit looks absolutely ridiculous in some songs (like 未完成の歴史 [Mikansei no Rekishi]), it’s detailed and fits her personality really well.

Ueda Suzuho’s SSR1, awakened.

Anyways, that’s enough on my bad decision making on gacha this past week. Until next time!


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