Goodbye “Free to Play” for Deresute

Being the holiday season, I hung out with friends and ended up putting down some money on a gacha game. Perhaps this is the start down a very slippery slope.

So on new year’s eve, I ended up spending 4,900 JPY (~$60 CAD) on deresute, landing me with 6,300 of paid star jewels. I blame my friend group consisting of NekoDiv, sayaka, zumanity, cece, KamiCreed, Vestrel (in spirit cause he was out of town during this ordeal), and Jeff for this poor life decision.

Now, what did I get with that? I got myself the Special Gasha Set. It costed 2,500 paid jewels, which gave me 1x premium film, 1x 10 platinum scout ticket, 1x scout of any permanent card (including SSRs), and 1x SR scout ticket. Basically got nothing with the 10 pull, but oh well, that’s what I get with gacha luck.

Sad 10 pull.

Next, I used 1,000 paid jewels for 4 guaranteed SSR pulls. Of the four I got, two of them ended up being duplicates. One of the non-duplicates I managed to get one was an SSRs I wanted: SSR Maekawa Miku. I’ve been waiting to get her for so long, so I’m happy! The other SSR I got was SSR Aiba Yumi. The version I got was the premium cut version: she’s animated and moves on the home screen when you put her as one of your favourite idols.

Finally, I used another 2,500 paid jewels to get myself the Love∞Destiny 3D/2D skin, which also gives a 1x 10 platinum scout ticket. That one looks nice too.

Now, back to the special set, with the choice of SSR, I decided to go with Ootsuki Yui. I was going to do Miria, Mayu, or Airi, but I already had the SSRs that I could choose from, and Yui is one of my other favourite characters, so hell with it.

For the remaining 300 paid jewels, I ended up spending it on the daily 60 paid jewel pulls, which also yielded no SSRs. Oh well, I don’t think I’ll be spending more any time soon, unless it’s on that gem set and there’s some limited SSRs I want, or guaranteed ones.

Until next time!


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