Azur Lane: Eldridge

For my birthday a few months back, I decided to get myself the 1/7 scale version of Eldridge from the popular mobile game Azur Lane, which features anthropomorphized warships based off of those from World War II. As you can probably tell from her name, she represents the USS Eldridge ship. The figure was released by figure manufacturer PLUM.

I got her from amiami, which they were selling at 16,050 JPY. Shipping ended up costing 3,850 JPY, and that was only using SAL Parcel. Luckily, I wasn’t hit with the import tax, so it was okay. Converting back, she totaled roughly $250 CAD. When she arrived, she came in a super big box, and upon seeing the figure itself, I immediately understood why: this 1/7 scale is one of the larger ones I have, and is slightly larger than the Platcha one I posted about before. Here’s a few pictures of the box itself.

Eldridge’s figure box
Side angle of the Eldridge box.
Another side angle view of the box, this time from the backside.

If you look inside the unopened box, you’ll see that Eldridge came with her twintails detached. And for good reason too: they’re huge.

Eldridge before taking her out of the plastic.

Putting the twintails together was a difficult process, too. It took me over 30 minutes to put them in cause I was afraid to apply too much pressure on the connection. Eventually, I got them in, but I ended using a pair of tweezers to squeeze the connection bit a little bit, which helped it go in a little easier. Below are photos of the end result.

Frontal view of Eldridge.

The stand for Eldridge is quite sturdy. She’s held up by two things: a foot stand in the front, as well as a clear plastic piece connected to her artillery in the rear.

For those that don’t play the game, this is the rendition of Eldridge in her default skin from the game, shown in the screenshot below. I think the sculptor did a great job at reproducing her look and pose. She’s got thick thighs, she’s holding her two “biribiri sticks” (as I like to call them), and she’s even got her ahoge. On point 👌.

Screenshot of Eldridge in her default skin.
Eldridge’s ahoge is absolutely beautiful, not to mention her hair accessories, too!
Eldridge’s guns on her left side, along with her torpedoes, ready to fire.
Eldridge’s legs. Her shoes are nice, and the blue detailing was done really well, matching the game CG.
Eldridge’s guns on her right side, along with the detailing on her right leg and shoe.
Another view of her guns on the right side.
A closer look at the detailing on her right arm.
The side of Eldridge’s head, where you can see her twintails and its accessories. You can also see the clear plastic piece holding her up on the bottom left, as well as her front foot attached to the base in the background.
The back side of Eldridge, where you can see her large blonde twintails, as well as her bare back.
The left side of Eldridge’s head, also highlighting her twintail accessories.
Her twintails extend underneath her body, too.
Another view of her shy, reserved face, her hair accessories, and her petite body. Also, her thighs.
Another view of her legs, and the blue detailing.
Top down view of her.

Anyways, I’m really glad that I got this figure. Eldridge looks really cute, and the details, from her (heavy) twintails and hair accessories to her kneesocks and shoes (and thighs :3), PLUM did a great job making sure she came out looking shy and reserved as portrayed in the game!

I’ve also pre-ordered another Azur Lane figure: Vampire, who is scheduled to be released in July this year. I’ll have a post about her when she’s released.

I’ll leave you with another photo of Eldridge.



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