Killing Time in IT9

Well, here I am, killing time in IT9.  Once again, I have no homework.  Today, I had two tests.  IB Science Foundations 9 Test, and Info Tech 9 Quiz.  Science test was quite difficult.  Oh well, at least I managed to finish the whole thing…not sure if it was correct though.  I scored 93% (43/46) on my Info Tech 9 Quiz on Dreamweaver.  I’m on Facebook, talking to people; Skyping my friend, Franklin Cokeng, who had no school today…; watching people play Starcraft and more…  Yep…a boring day it was today.  I liked Jazz Band though.  It was fun =D.  Anyways, fun services to introduce:

  • LogMeIn Free – A free alternative to remote desktop.  Access anywhere from the internet.  No sound support.  Price: Free with 30 day trial of Pro2.
  • LogMeIn Hamachi – A free VPN client to connect your computers together.  Price: Free for personal use.
  • – A great way to take your apps with you.  Use them on any Windows computer.  Price: Free.

Well, those were the apps I felt like introducing today.  I have to go now.  School’s almost over.




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