Home, Sweet Home

After two weeks of being in Hong Kong, I’m back home.  It was a nice trip back.  I got to see some people who I haven’t seen in four years, like my relatives and the friends of my parents.  I also found time to go to lots of places, like: 山頂 (Mountain Top), 馬鞍山 (Ma On Shan), 鑽石山 (Diamond Hill), 深水埗 (Sham Shui Po), 東涌 (Tung Chung), and many more.  As I said, I got myself another cellphone.  It’s a Samsung Anycall GT-S5560, with a touchscreen, quad-band GSM, and, well, it’s unlocked.  I now swap between my Sony Ericsson W705 and this phone.  Anyways, as I am writing this, I am suffering from jetlag, but hopefully, it will wear off soon.  For now, I will stop talking and finish my homework that was supposed to be finished by the time I was back home xD.  Now that I think about it, I really miss the fun times I had over there…



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