Soccer Game!

Today, I had a soccer game.  I woke up pretty early, somewhere around 7:30AM.  I got myself out of bed, brushed my teeth, and went to my kitchen to eat my donut.  After, I got dressed and left my house at 8:50AM.  I got there just on time: 9:15AM.  My team and I warmed up for the game, which was at 10AM.  Then, the game began.  We weren’t hustling at first, but eventually it came.  This helped us get a goal by Spencer Pooghkay.  Half time.  We ate oranges and discussed game tactics.  The second half started.  Soon, another goal was scored by our midfield, Andrew Li.  After that, the other team picked it up a bit, but in the end, we won 2-0.


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