The Fair at the PNE, and the Second Last Day of August

Today, I went to the Fair at the PNE, located in Vancouver, BC.  This was the Fair’s 99th birthday.  There were lots of shows, exhibits, and shops.  The great outdoor weather was fantastic!  The sun attracted a LOT of people.  When I say a lot, i mean A LOT.  What was a narrow pathway was filled with thousands of people.  When I went, I only wanted to do a few things, like:

  • Watch Superdogs
  • Drink lemonade
  • Eat some mini-donuts
  • Walk in the marketplace
  • Go in the Grand Prize Show Home

And, I eventually did all that…
I even met my friend’s brother.  He was working…at the PNE…

Anyways, it’s also the second last day of August!  School’s around the corner…and I’m really not looking forward to it… xD

Canada Line

Today, I got the pleasure of going on the brand new Canada Line in Vancouver, BC.  It was very nice, and much wider and shorter than the SkyTrain.  In total, there are 16 stations, all which looked very clean and modern.  However, there were some stations which were kind of pointless because they were in the middle of nowhere.  Overall, this new transit line is very good, other than the fact that it won’t be expanding.  On the stations near the end of the line, the lines become one.  Instead of having  Eastbound and Westbound or Northbound and Southbound rails, they combine into one rail, making it more difficult to expand.

Cama Beach State Park: August 8 – 10, 2009

A few days ago, My family and I went to Cama Beach State Park, which is located in Camano Island, WA in the US.  We stayed in a cabin, as all other guests do.  The cabin was very nice, as this is a new State Park, which opened just last year in June 2008 (or something like that).  Anyways, the beach was very nice, and the overall noise level in the park is very peaceful and quiet.  There were many shells and crabs (mainly dead ones) on the beach, along with the billions or trillions of rocks lying on the shoreline.  The washroom was also very nice and clean.  If I was to rate this park, I would give it a 10 out of 10 because of the great view, the nice breezes, the tidiness of the park, and last but not least, the quietness in nature.  I would definitely recommend this great park for everyone.

The great thing about staying at this wonderful State park is because it is cheap, costing only $20 – $40 (without taxes) per night for first/second row cabins, much cheaper than hotels.  It’s also near Seattle Premium Outlets (about 10-20 miles when you reach I-5.

August, August, August…

Half a summer gone already…

This past week, the heatwave in Southern BC has made some people (like me) sleep somewhere cooler.  I now have a great time sleeping at my seemingly “air-conditioned” basement.  Though it is better now, the basement is still great because there isn’t as much noise.  Anyways, while I am writing this, I am eating a nice BBQ’d steak at my cousin’s house.  Tomorrow, I’m again gonna have a another BBQ at the one and only Bunzen Lake in Anmore.  Overall, this summer is going VERY good.