The Homebrew Channel for Wii

Today I decided to install the Homebrew Channel, a software mod in which you can play “homebrew” games and launch other utilities.  I though it would take a long time to install, but in reality, it took only 3 seconds to install.  Right away I was able to see the homebrew games that I had downloaded in advance on the HB Channel.  It seems like a great risk, but really, it was no sweat.  The games are a little limited, though I think more games would be popping into the HB Channel as time goes.

Combat Arms

Today, I decided to download Combat Arms (CA).  It is a fast paced online action game by Nexon™, much like CounterStrike: Source (CS).  The only difference is that CA is free, while you have to pay for CS.  However, CS is more flexible, as it lets you play tens of modes, like Gun Game, Deathmatch, Elimination, and much more.  Some servers are also hosted by individuals.  CA is only hosted by Nexon, and is sort of fixed.  It still has modes like Deathmatch and Elimination, but the number one reason that it’s better than CS is because it is free like other Nexon games.

Fixing a Slow Windows XP

Do you have a bad graphics card that’s slowing down Windows XP? Well, if you do, turn everything basic, that is, if you want the performance and don’t care about the appearance. First off, right click on your desktop and select “Properties”. After, click on the “Themes” tab. Find the “Windows Classic” or “Windows Standard” theme. Either one works fine, but I would recommend Windows Classic. After, click “OK”. Then click “Start” and right click “My Computer” and select “Properties”. Under the “Advanced” tab, click “Settings” under “Performance”. There, select the “Adjust for best performance” radio. Then click “OK”, and “OK” again. Your PC should now be faster from less graphics.

Cultus Lake Water Slides

Today I went to Cultus Lake Water Slides in Chilliwack, BC.  It was okay.  It rained the entire day when I was there.  The cold breeze hit me throughout the day, and I even drank an ICE CAPPUCINO!  It was a lot of fun, though.  I went on the Valley of Fear, Free Fall, Radical Rapids, Colossal Canyon, and the hot tub.  I practically stayed in the hot tub for two thirds of the time.  In the end, I thought it was okay…

The Start of My Blog

Today’s the day!  The start of my blog.  For me, it is a great start.  WordPress took only 1 minute to setup.  Now it’s time to setup WordPress MU.  My friend told me about it, so in a couple of days, it should be set up.  Well, I will keep this updated.  Oh, and a question for all:  Do you think a Desktop PC could stay on for a long time?  I’m running my blog on Ubuntu, and I’m not quite sure if it will overheat and start a fire.  Anyways, have a great day!