About (Old)

If you found this page, congrats! This was my original about page. I’m just leaving it around for my own historical purposes.

This was my original about page content, back when I first started this blog:
My name is Lui.  I am a person who is in grade 8 and has an interest in the Computing and Technology department.  I strive to learn about the GNU/Linux operating system, PHP, MySQL, and C++, although it is quite difficult, if you ask me.  You could say computing is my hobby.  I don’t spend much time playing computer games (other than Combat Arms and Counter-Strike: Source), though instead, I work on some of my ongoing projects, like this blog.  My dream is to try and create another operating system that boots fast, has a bunch of daily applications, like email and an internet browser.  It might happen someday, but for now, it’s just a dream……or I might create a nice mobile phone operating system of some sort…that would be cool…

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