Why Are Social Workers at School Idiots?

I now realize why our education system in BC sucks so much: it’s because of all those social workers at schools that epic fail.  Many, but not all of them, have proven themselves as absolute idiots.  Here’s an example:

There is a social worker is in my classroom, helping a special needs student.  We are currently doing math.  The teacher explains the concept to us, and my friends and I understand it.  Five seconds later, you see the social worker walk up to the teacher.  My friends and I listen in:
Social Worker whispers, “I don’t understand how this concept works.”
Teacher says, “Oh well, it’s like this…” and explains it once again.

I thought social workers would be smart and “fit” for the job, but how my friends and I see, it just a waste of taxpayers’ money (AKA our money.  Another thing that these social workers do is drive other students mad.  Just yesterday, I was hanging out with some girls, and we were hiding food containers from friends as a joke in the cafeteria.  Everyone at our table knew it was a joke, except for the messed up social worker who was sitting across the room.  She bellows at us, telling us to “stop throwing stuff”.  We just ignore her, because we were all thinking, “Wow, nosy much.  We aren’t even affecting you in anyway!”  We continue for another minute or two, and she kicks us out of the cafeteria.  I was laughing so hard because of the joke as we left, and the retarded social worker mutters, “You think it’s funny?” at me, and I reply, “Yeah, I do.  You got a problem with that?”  Right when I said that, she stands up, and we all run away, laughing our heads off (not literally, for the special needs who read this :D).

Last year, I had a very annoying social worker, who would always get “in your business.”  It was quite annoying.  We would be talking to each other, and if we were to talk any louder than a normal conversation, we would get kicked out, even at recess and lunch.  It bothered a lot of people, including me (of course LOL).  Anyways, it’s time for me to have dinner!


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