A Hectic Day…

Today was a hectic day.  First thing in the morning, at 9:00AM, was my soccer game, which my team and I won 3-1.  Afterwards at 10:30AM, I rushed off to my Chinese class.  At 12:00, I went to Westwood Cafè and ate my favourite Asian mini set dish, Shanghai Fried Noodles!  After indulging my meal, I went and bought tomorrow’s breakfast, which consisted of 3 raisin sticks.  Next, I headed over to the mall across the street and bought a bag of silver Coke balls as a Secret Santa present for my friend.  I also went to The Source to go look at the Sony Ericsson W705 phone for myself.  Looks pretty spiffy if you ask me.  Looks nice, and it’s for $0 on 3 year contract.  The phone might not last that long, but I might go to Hong Kong and buy another.  My parents still are thinking about it, which kind of sucks, because the phone might get sold out…   Anyways, I rushed off to a bowling alley for my soccer team’s Secret Santa party.  I got a $10 gift card to spend anywhere at the mall I was just at, which rocks!  When the party finished, I went out with my parents and brother for dinner, where I continued to nag about buying a phone :D.  At 8:00PM, about the time when we finished our dinner, we, again, headed to the mall to look at phones.  I inquired further about the phone I want, and apparently, there are no minimum plans that I need to join, which means I could get this phone with a family plan, which, again, ROCKS even more!!  Being so hyped up on buying a phone, we headed home.  Now I’m writing on my blog and I think I’m too excited to sleep!!


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